Technology Troubleshooting Guide

Technology Troubleshooting Guide
ChromebookIf you are having issues with your school device (Chromebook), please follow this four-step process:

STEP 1: Unless there is physical damage to your Chromebook, please try to troubleshoot by:
  • Logging in correctly -
    - Only use the Google Chrome browser and make sure you are logged in with your school Google account ( and not a personal account.
    - Use the "Sign in with Google" button whenever it is presented.
     For other district applications (like, use only your school ID number and not your full email, along with your normal password.
  • Update - Make sure your Chrome browser and Chromebook are fully updated. Click here for instructions on updating.
  • History/Cache - Clear your cache/history to "All time" (click here). 
  • Extensions - Clear out your non-school and gaming extensions. Click here for instructions. There are a lot of extensions and games students add that mess with features on your device. So we need you to clear out anything that isn't school-used.
  • Restore original Settings - Go into Google Chrome settings and type "Restore" into the search box. Then click on "Restore settings to original defaults".
  • Restart - Click shut down (do not just close the Chromebook). Wait 30 seconds before restarting.
  • Charging - Do not let the battery get below 5%. If the Chromebook is not turning it on, shut down, close the lid, and charge for at least 30 minutes before opening it back up and turning it back on.

STEP 2: If the issue is still not fixed and IT determines that you will need a repair and/or replacement device, please contact our Digital Teacher Librarian, Mrs. Workman by calling the main office. Your call will be directed to her and we will make arrangements to meet you at the school.

STEP 3: 
If the device was physically damaged and was sent for repair, we will contact you to pick it back up at Columbine Hills Elementary School. Reminder: You may be responsible for repair costs. Please remember to bring your loaner device for return.

REMOTE STUDENTS ONLY: After you have tried all of these troubleshooting tips, call the district's remote family IT support line at (303) 982 - 3438.

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